timeline master, detail perfecter, tablescape creator

Meet Jennifer

Jennifer describes her planning style as approachable, personalized, and intuitive. She grabs design inspiration from all over, but mostly from her European travels and time spent living in major fashion capitols (namely London, Paris, and NYC). With a trained background in fashion and beauty journalism, Jennifer not only has an eye for design and a taste for the finer things, but she also knows a good (love) story when she sees one. And she met her husband in Paris, so she has a pretty movie-worthy love story herself!

favorite things

| Trips without an itinerary
| Meat or fish: born and raised vegetarian!
| "Sweating for the wedding" mentality
| DIY projects (leave it to the pros!)
| Single-use plastic


| Daydreaming about being in Europe
| Earl Grey tea
| Bistro jazz music on in the background
| Indian food takeout
| Neutral, cozy interiors


Living an eco-friendly, low impact lifestyle is very important to us, both personally and professionally! We pride ourselves on being one of only a few wedding planning companies in Virginia who keep sustainability top of mind with our clients. If you are wanting to learn more about hosting a low-waste event, please let us know and we can connect you with like-minded vendors! 

Sophisticated &Sustainable